Bildtstars and Eigenheimers

The photo installation ‘Bildtstars en Eigenheimers’ gives an identity to the potato farmers from the provinces of Friesland and Groningen. Potato farming is one of the most distinguishing features of the Wadden Area scenery, while the potato farmers themselves are significant to the Frisian and Groningen identity and culture. Their land also gives them a special role in the scenery of both provinces, and the portraits painted by Linette Raven lift them out of their anonymity. Their portraits are exhibited under various bridges in Friesland province (until the end of 2018) and in potato fields along the Wadden coast (2019 and beyond).

About the artist:

A portrait photographer who likes to tell the story of ordinary, everyday people through her pictures, Ms Raven both initiates her own art projects and collaborates with others. One of her best-known works is Fan twa kanten (‘From Two Sides’), which features 182 portraits of residents of Terschelling island, presented in a life-size format at an outdoor location. She is also renowned for her ‘Pioniers van de Wieringermeer’ (‘Pioneers of the Wieringermeer’) series, featuring portraits of the first 40 residents of this polder.

Linette Raven

Exhibition dates: April to October 2018

Location: the exact location of the bridges will follow shortly