News from the German Wadden Island Föhr: the installation of the traveling group exhibition Moving Landscapes – still on Oerol Terschelling last month – is ready!
Five landscape works have been given a brand new (and also beautiful) place on the island because of the 10-year anniversary of Museum Kunst der Westküste.

The works on Föhr are: ‘Level’ by Bouke Groen, ‘Tumbling in Time’ by Sofie Doeland, ‘Here We Are’ by Theun Mosk, ‘rotation’ by Hart van Veen and ‘Luw’ by Firma Kluit.

The exhibition on Föhr can be admired from July 29 to September 29. More information and a handy map with the locations of the works can be found hier
The exhibition is freely accessible.

Photo: presentation press Moving Landscapes on Föhr | Date: 24 july 2019 | Work: ‘Luw’ van Firma Kluit

Moving Landscapes is a Sense of Place-initiative by artistic director and pionier Joop Mulder, in co-production with Oerol Terschelling and Museum Kunst der Westküste. The existing installation Camera Batavia by Arjen Boerstra is the spill and inspiration for the project. A group of artists were invited to create five new works around it.