Panoramic preview Dijk van een wijf

A huge sculpture of a reclining female nude, formed from the earth and green grasses of the dike near the Frisian village of Holwerd. This organic monument – around 20 metres high at the hips and shoulders – forms a barrier between the land and the sea,  sheltering the nursing grounds of seed, soil and people from the sea. This ‘land art’ project created by Nienke Brokke on the dike at Holwerd will serve as a warm welcome for all travellers from Ameland.

From the 30th of June 2018 we are showing a preview of this project through a panoramic model designed by the artist on location. In the middle of a flower field you can climb up to a viewing hole in an enclosed corridor. Here you will be able to see Dijk van een Wijf  with the real dike of her future location in the horizon.

Location: Grândyk 5, Holwerd

Made possible by the INTERREG-program