Kerend Tij

Kerend Tij (Turning Tide)
Sense of Place is presenting two new exhibitions, both of which will open at venues in Leeuwarden on April 4, 2018. At the city’s Aegon building and the De Kanselarij ‘open community’, you will get a chance to smell, taste and experience the former Dutch Middelzee, the estuary mouth of the River Boorn (now located in Friesland province) which used to run northward to the Wadden Sea.

Exposition Aegon building by Alex van de Beld.
Exposition De Kanselarij by Bruno Doedens.

About Alex van de Beld

Alex van de Beld studied at ‘de Academie voor Bouwkunst’ in Groningen. After 20 years as partner in Onix Architecture and over 100 architectural projects being build, it was time for him to move on.
Many things has changed in the field of architecture; unclear politics and unstable economic conditions make clients request new approaches in order to reconnect the profession to society.
A couple of years ago, Alex began working from a different perspective in the periphery of architecture and founded
ALBSurroundings. He will continue his international search on behalf of Onix Sweden…

Working in the peripheral surroundings, Alex tries to discover new connections between landscape and design, art and theory, politics and urbanism, culture and education. Above all, his mission is to mediate the way people live in man-made environments.

About Bruno Doedens

Bruno Doedens (1959) studied at ‘de Academie van Bouwkunst’ in Amsterdam, specialising in Landscape architecture. In 1990 he wins the  ‘basisprijs Prix de Rome’ – Landscape architecture. Together with Maike van Stiphout he starts bureau DS in 1993. They win the international contest for designing two parcs at the Potzdamer Platz in Berlin. Both have been realised. In 2005 Doedens continues on his own, from 2007  as initiator and artistic director of Slem. Besides expertise and crafts, the focus in all his projects lies on illusions. The fascination to ‘make the impossible possible’, or ‘to turn water into wine’, and the focus on the long term and the social and cultural values, predominate.
For more information: Bruno Doedens

Exhibition dates: from 04.04.2018 to 25.11.2018

Location: Leeuwarden